Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jay-Z Toasts "Boss George" At Yankee Stadium (Plus T.Shirt's Review)

I gotta just say seeing Yankee Stadium light up like it did last night was nothing short of remarkable. It was my 5th time seeing Jay-Z, 2nd time seeing Eminem, and I've never seen the two guys put on a better show. From the gate Em came out so fierce, so energetic, jumping around, dancing, rapping with a precision I don't know he ever had before these shows. It's so good to see the dude happy, killing it at the peak of his career. Hov was something else entirely. From the clip above you can see/hear the tone, the ultimate showman toasting "Boss George [Steinbrenner]" for opening the Stadium doors. One thing anyone whose ever seen Jay-Z live will tell you is his voice cuts straight through. Shit's incredible. You hear every word. I read something about the first show where they were panning Jay for bringing so many guests out so early and I kept it in mind last night. The second song he performed was "Run This Town" and Kanye came out to do his song-stealing verse. I didn't really have a problem with it. I've seen a couple concerts I thought Jay really did lose his breath a lot of time so I guess he's had to reformat a bit and do things differently for maximum effect. I think by far the biggest difference between him and Em as performers were the screens behind them. While Eminem has probably the cheesiest PC graphics I've ever seen, Jay-Z raises the bar all the way up with stunning visuals every song. Gorgeous film sets, color splash backdrops etc. really do take the experience to another level. All in all, I'll never forget last night for as long as I live.

Shout out to my man Ayesroc!

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