Friday, September 3, 2010

Curren$y x Ski Beatz – Pilot Talk 2 (Teaser)

I find it a little funny that they're coming so quick with Pilot Talk 2. Doesn't seem like the kid had much time to breathe. It's a completely different case for a nobody rapper that has to keep the blogs and little fans they got satisfied and not forget about them, you'd think Curren$y didn't have to do that as much. Besides a couple little lounges this side of the world, a few street videos and some MTV time, what the hell did the kid get to do? Now he's already onto the next one? Something ain't right. Anyway, music-wise what I've heard so far from these little uStream and teaser joints sound good but I don't think they're pushing these projects right at all.

*I really wonder if niggas running their business like they're smoking their weed.

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