Monday, August 2, 2010

*Unreleased Music* Wiz Khalifa - Fly Solo

I'm not sure if I like this all that much but I really gotta say it threw me for a surprise. I'm a big fan of Wiz at this point and I'm fucking rooting for him. I guess they're really reaching with this one and you can't hate on that haha. They're going for it! Thing is, although it is from 2009, I can hear on this on a Z-100 or something like that. I wish them luck with it but I think Wiz has it in him to do a lot better.

Listen/Download Fly Solo - Wiz Khalifa

*I actually wonder now if this even from Wiz and his team or just a floater that isn't supposed to be out. Most probably it's the latter. Still interesting.

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