Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*New Video* The ILLZ x Hot Mop Films – Antonio Tosca

Seeing these videos before the 20,000 or so other people in the world does make me feel kinda special haha. And as someone that's probably seen every single cinematic piece of work Dred has ever done, I can tell you with a certain authority that the kid has come a long way. Everything from the credit sequences to the "light refraction's" that by the way, aren't some cheesy final cut effect but filmed and made by Dred himself, show the kind of slow-building skill you need to get excited about in a young filmmaker. Thanks to Illz for making the thought-provoking, real music that lets my friend roam wild.

Illz In Between Video Series drops August 24th. Shout to Hot Mop Films.

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