Tuesday, August 17, 2010

*New Music* Raekwon - Travel Places + About Me (Dr. Dre Remix)

I've been bumping these couple joints for the past few days now and they're ridiculous. Especially the joint, "Travel Places". I hit Rae up on Twitter last night telling him how he's the guy I wanna collaborate with the most I think at this point. There's nobody I rather trade stories with on something ill just back and forth style. I guess it didn't warrant a response just yet but he'll know my name soon enough, man.

Listen/Download Travel Places - Raekwon
Listen/Download About Me (Remix) - Raekwon x Game x Dr. Dre

Links jacked from NR, respectively.
Rae's OBC4L2: The Gold Deluxe Edition is out today and be copped here on iTunes. Funny thing is my man Ayes Rocker designed the fugazi-ass gold cover hahaha. I didn't like it from the jump but that's cool shit.

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