Friday, August 20, 2010

*New Music* Power (Official Remix) - Kanye West x Jay-Z x John Legend & Swizz Beats

It's upon us! Production-wise, phenomenal. Lyric-wise, awe inspiring. No other rappers need to make music ever again and we'll be alright.

Listen/Download Power (Remix) - Kanye West x Jay-Z (Additional production by Swizz Beats)
*update* (fixed the few seconds in the beginning and end)

Hov's verse:

we living in that 31st century.....

rumble, young man, rumble
life's a trip so sometime we gon stumble
you gotta go through pain in order to become you
but once the world numbs you 
you'll feel like there's only one you
now you got the power to do anything you want to
until you ask yourself is this what it's all come to
looking at life through sunglasses and a sunroof
until you have the power to get out from up under you
fuck all these labels, fuck what everybody wants from you
they trying to Axl Rose you
to be continued...
we on that Norman Mailer shit
in search of the truth
even it goes through Taylor Swift, tell her this

*This is a REAL remix by the way. Listen on till the end. 

*Photo of Hov from over at damedashdicerolldance

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