Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*New* The ILLZ "In Between Video Series" Presented by: OnSMASH x 2DopeBoyz x YouHeardThatNew

Gotta give it up, the entire team's been killing it out there these past few weeks. Earlier today, ILLZ, along with Hot Mop Films and Kristopher Rey-Talley, dropped their much anticipated “In Between Video Series”. The project features new material from the kid, only released in video form at first, until today. Unofficial remixes featuring the lush and beautiful sounds of Fenech Soler, Cat Power, Telepopmusik & Portishead etc, with original production from ILLtal, and Cito on the beat give Illz solid ground to lay his dreams out clear and poignant. I can't lie though, at times I wanna hear a different story from the kid. Two bodies of work in and I already feel I know what to expect. Call me crazy but I like to spice things up a bit, almost to a fault I guess. It's important to me rappers do more than just rap. It's important to me artists don't stay in the safe zone for long but rather branch out musically, work different flows, angles, soundscapes, moods, vocal inflections, topics. Bottom-line, there's no question Illz does what the fuck he does and does it well but as a lifelong fan of Hip-Hop and someone that wants to see the people I fuck with win and win big, I need more. Forgive me, I'm a hard case. Still shitting on a good 85% of the new rap music coming from anywhere in the world, you can totally play this shit front to back more than a few times and that says a hell of a lot. It's a real treat. Do yourself a favor and watch this kid like a hawk.

<a href="">Antonio Tosca by The ILLZ</a>
Listen/Download In Between Video Series - The Illz x Hot Mop Films & Kristopher Rey-Talley (Bandcamp link)

Shout out to the players and playettes at Hot Mop Films who I've personally watched slave over their work with the kind of dedication and gusto you'd think only exists when people are eating well.

*Still due are the video releases from The ILLZ critically acclaimed solo project “The Pursuit LP” which can be listened to and downloaded here.

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