Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*New Music* Young Black Boy - Adam Tensta

New crack from Tensta! I gotta admit, besides the occasional *twitter wave*, I haven't really kept up with what my brother's been up to in a while. He was here in New York for a short amount of time a couple months ago and invited me out but I couldn't make it. That won't happen again. Fresh off a great fucking Entourage Season 7, Episode 7 look with one of his first 3-year old hits, "My Cool", the kid drops off this new joint produced by the talented, Shitsmiths. The duo from out Umeå/Sweden, whom Adam has collaborated with on not only his forthcoming sophmore album titled, “Scared Of The Dark” but also a concept album called “Last Days Of Punk”, entirely produced by them. Exciting stuff. The track is fucking thick with classic Adam Tensta all over it reflecting on what it's like being young and black in the country of Sweden.