Monday, August 2, 2010

Nutcracker - N.O.R.E. (Produced by Scoop DeVille)

This record is so ill. On the way to the party in Williamsburg last night Flex might have played it maybe 5 times in 20 minutes and I was right there with him every time. Nore got one, baby.

Listen/Download Nutcracker - N.O.R.E. (Produced by Scoop DeVille)

*Yo in all honesty. If I was someone like Jay-Z, I'd jump on this record for two reasons. One, the beat and hook is fucking ridiculous. Two, someone of Jay's stature in hip-hop right now would just further authenticate this shit and make it hit. Not that it needs.

*The artwork's a little something I put together in 2 minutes.

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