Tuesday, August 3, 2010

*New Music* Can't Walk Away - T.Shirt (Produced by Alex Goose)

Here's the joint people have been asking about which plays during the behind-the-scenes cover shoot video we put out on Friday. It's the bonus record off T.Shirt's summer album, Cowboy In The Sun which dropped on July 27th to a great fucking response.

Listen/Download Can't Walk Away - T.Shirt (Produced by Alex Goose)

*Bonus* If you haven't downloaded the full album yet, stop sleeping! Get it here.

1 comment:

  1. If I may say:
    I think you have a very unique and particular flow. Your voice is impressive and you are obviously extremely creative. I have been following your work for a while, and think the key here is the right production. On "Ye On Twitter" you killed it, plus the beat was very much what you needed. For some of "Cowboy in the Sun" however, your production fell a tad bit short. This is by no means a hater comment, I am a fan. I just think that you should choose your production wisely, and find something that will complement your voice and style rather than go against it-- seek out something that is melodic and not repetitive, pretty and fluid rather than choppy and forced. Don't try so hard, because it comes very easily for you. Please take this as constructive criticism and nothing else. I really hope you make it and when you do I will be proud to say I was an original T.Shirt fan.