Thursday, July 1, 2010

*World Premiere* The Astor Kings Debut EP

This is pretty momentous right here. Good friends of mine my muhhhfuckin' twin brothers just dropped their first ever EP on the world and it's nothing short of a great collection of music from some of the hardest working artists I've ever come across. No bullshit. I've made fun of them for many years but I just can't anymore. Andrew (on the right) plays drums and helps mix all the music, while Chris Daddy plays guitar and writes the songs. If you've ever seen the boys live then you know what kind of energy they give off onstage, the music doesn't disappoint. Fucking lightning in a bottle baby. You've been listening to bullshit rappers and watered-down popstars all year huh? Support the real.

Download We Are The Astor Kings EP

*Art Direction and Cover Photography by yours truly. I take care of my own. Mastered by Julian for On Air Mastering.

Also, make sure you follow The Astor Kings on Twitter here. Talk to them too! Don't be shy.

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