Saturday, July 10, 2010

*New Music* Free Mason - Rick Ross x Jay-Z

Track 2 of Rick Ross' highly-anticipated Teflon Don release had me in deep thought with some friends last night. I find the song to be very enlightening if you know what I mean. Ross does some serious shedding of a lot of big issues with his usual gusto and conviction.  Everybody's talking about how Jay-Z addressed peoples illuminati concerns and sure, the verse is pure-telling in that Hov sort of way but it's also kind of selfish in that Hov sort of way. I'm not sure people understand how deep down and global Rozay took it. To me, his verse is the real gem here.

"I embark on life, my path is all math, I understand the codes these hackers can't crack..
big contracts, big contractors, built pyramids, period, we masters..
no caterpillars it was just a lot of niggas, a lot of great thinkers, and a lot of great inventors.." 

Listen/Download Free Mason - Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z (Produced by The Inkredibles)

*Don't do yourself the injustice of taking everything for surface value here. I think, more than anything, Ross is speaking from a place of great pride when it comes to his "rich niggas" rhetoric. They fucking made it and on a scale I don't think most people realize, these niggas fucking changed the world.

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