Friday, July 16, 2010

Curren$y's Pilot Talk w/ Complex Magazine

Spitta gets a little in-depth about a couple of things he doesn't usually divulge in. Kind of interesting how much he got passed around to so many different camps. I don't have any personal experience working with him so I wonder what it is. Crazy to think he was under Wayne such a little time ago. Here's a choice excerpt:

Complex: You’re gaining a lot of new listeners, but many don’t really know your history and how you came up in the game. Can you talk about your path and how you got to where you are now?

Curren$y: As soon as I decided that I was gonna take music half-way serious, Marcelo [Mr. Marcelo], that’s my brotha, he didn’t have that No Limit deal yet. Him and his homeboy Doe Doe was putting together Tuff Guy Entertainment and through that, they did a partnership with No Limit because they was friends from just being from the Uptown projects and they put Marcelo’s album out. So Marcelo was setting his shit up for Tuff Guy Entertainment and that’s when I came on like, “Okay, I’ma start doin’ this rap shit.” Doe Doe got murdered in like August of ‘01; after that, C-Murder called and was like, “Yo, I’m doin’ this TRU Records shit. You can come over here and put some work in.” So I went through and started to puttin’ music down and I was about to put an album out and then that situation he caught came through and that was unfortunate. So P [Master P] stepped in and was like “Come to Houston and start puttin’ some tracks down and we will be able to get your situation straight.” So I went there and did that for a few years and realized the schedule wasn’t how I wanted it to be.

Complex: What year was it that you decided it wasn’t working?

Curren$y: That was like ‘04. I was there for a second. Then I just dipped and decided to do my indie shit and that’s when i bumped into Wayne at this talent shit in New Orleans.

Complex: Before that you never knew Lil Wayne?

Curren$y: I mean, we knew each other from just being in the city and on the same sets and shit like that, but we ain’t never really had no full conversation. But we chopped it up at the talent show and then I went down to Miami and put some records down and I did that for a few years. Until I realized the same thing: that it wasn’t a good fit. 

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