Friday, July 30, 2010

Freddie Gibbs x Complex Magazine Interview

Felt like this needed it's own post. Here's what everyone was talking about on Twitter all day yesterday. For good reason too. The last of a dying breed, my man. Not saying it's good to be so negative at times but I respect the honesty.

Rap’s so fucking watered down right now, you can be a motherfucking C.O., you can kiss a nigga, and as long as you making good music, these niggas don’t give a fuck. With me I’ma make good music, be a man of my word, and live how I’m rapping. It’s a fine line between artistry and authenticity, and I just think that I just combine all of that, and everybody can’t do that. It definitely makes it difficult from a mainstream-radio standpoint, but I can care less. That’s only because these dudes have those machines behind them and those marketing dollars behind them to dress their fake shit up. But I’m not trying to fabricate nothing or dress nothing up to be something that it’s not. I ain’t a nigga with no furs, but I’ve sold a lot of crack. A lot of pills. But I wasn’t that nigga like that. It seem like all these niggas in the rap game trying to tell the boss story when 90% of these niggas was never the boss. I was never no coke boss of my neighborhood. I was a shooter, a corner boy. So that’s the perspective I gotta tell you from. I can’t tell you that perspective with no nigga that live in those million-dollar houses, I ain’t never had that.

Read Complex Mag article here

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