Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*New Album* T.Shirt - Cowboy In The Sun

T.Shirt's 7th street-album/mixtape, first of original music.

Executive Produced by Paul Cantor - here's what he had to say:
"T.Shirt's music came to me from a very honest and pure place. From himself. No cosigns, no big name DJs hosting his mixtape, no notable producers, no guest MCs. But when I heard his voice, his flow, his passion, I was sold. He's witty without predictability and alternative without cliche. Even still, he's true school to the core- the kid's got bars for days. Cowboy in the Sun is hip-hop. It's rock. It's soul. From barbecues to the beach to the project benches, it's a portrait of an artist just trying to make it through another very long hot summer."

Track-listing + Production list

01 (Neil Young Intro)
02 Cowboy In The Sun (Produced by Neil Young w/ Scratches by Will Divide)
03 So Helpless (Produced by B Ski)
04 Golden Sound (Produced by TeV95)
05 My Geetar (No Hook) (Produced by Alex Goose)
06 Triple Fat Goose (Produced by Alex Goose)
07 Downtown Love (Produced by Paul Cantor)
08 2 Weeks (Produced by B Ski)
09 Sun King (Produced by The Beatles)
10 Rule The World (Produced by The Phenomal Claphand Band, Arranged by Darvin Silva)

Download the EP here

Cover shot by street-photographer Will Yan for and designed by Reno Msad for Spek Studios. Album mastered in Brooklyn, NY by Julian Silva for On-Air Mastering.

Huge shout to everybody involved! Thank you for rocking with me!

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