Friday, April 2, 2010

"Aloe Blacc Talks Dollars & Good Things" w/ Complex

I'm mad happy for the brother. There's just something about certain people that when you hear their music you just want them to win. As soon as I realized this was a struggling independent artist singing like that, it just blew me away. The song has classic written all over it.

"The way I write songs often, I come up with an idea and I record it into my phone. I just let it sit for a little bit and then I come back to it. So I had the chorus and I was thinking, “What could I do for the verses?” One of the first verses that came to me was the “Whisky And The Wine” verse, even though it’s buried in the song. Fast forward four years and I produced an entire album here in L.A. at a studio called West Lake Studios. This is where Michael Jackson recorded Thriller and Off The Wall. I turned that album into the label but [Peanut Butter] Wolf said it was too commercial and wasn’t the right fit for the label. Egon said, “Okay Aloe, are you open to working with some producers on another album?” And I said, “That’s fine.” So the label sends me out to New York to work with these producers, Truth & Soul, in February 2009."

Read the rest of the short piece here

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