Monday, December 27, 2010

*New Video* Latinos Presente - Tres Coronas feat. Gab Gotcha

This is some shit right here. I'm fresh from watching it all big and HD on my boy's new Apple TV, and a couple of my best friends did this whole thing up so maybe I'm a little biased but God damn, can you blame me?! Video's crazy good. I showed you the red carpet event they had for the premiere last week at Pure and today we bring you the official new video. I can't even say anything else, watch now!

Saw a really good behind-the-scenes clip by a certain INYCinema? Never heard of them but their access is awesome and they did a great job with the finished product. Shows the team in a light I've never seen them in, so proud. Watch it here. 

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  1. thanks for showing us love baby bro! Im excited that everyones so excited when they watch it!

    btw the company that did the behind the scenes is Will Millions TNYCinema