Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aloe Blacc x MADE Creatives "Visions of Visionaries"

Me and the brother have the same lawyer and I hear he's been pushing for quite a long time. From the minute we heard the big song early this year I've had my eyes and ears on this guy, even doing a remix of the popular "How To Make It..." theme song. Really dope to see him in a better position now getting more recognition than ever before. Inspiring. Not to mention there's some great textures happening on his coat there. Berlin-based creative space MADE does the honours.

Yooo this is wild. I was only gonna post a link to this Fallon performance he did but I watched it and it's fucking great. The guy looks and moves like a classic soul artist. Legit, man. Much respect, you gotta watch.

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