Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hot Mop Films x Gab Gotcha x Tres Coronas Premiere "Latinos Presente" Video In Queens At Club Pure

Photo by Christopher Buddhu
Always a treat to see your peoples get the spotlight. Last night about 20 kids I've watched move through this industry through different stages of their career, had a packed house in Queens at club Pure for new-Wu rapper Gab Gotcha's album release party. Great food, drinks, red carpet, friends, family, goonies, bitches and hip-hop filled the room. Peace to everybody who made it out!!! Special shout out to the extended family, Hot Mop Films, and especially one of my best friends, director Ronin, on the premiere of his new Tres Coronas feat. Gab Gotcha video, Latinos Presente coming soon. I've seen the joint a few times and I gotta say it's pretty hard. On some New York Undercover vibe. The team's best work yet, hands down. Mothafuckin Rosky running around shaking hands in a Ralph Lauren suit! I see you Ro!

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