Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook Vs. Google

Watched the 60 Minutes interview and read about the current showdown between the giant social mediums that are Facebook and Google. Zuckerberg thinks the future of the internet is searching, studying and comparing products with your "friends", hence on and through his Facebook. You want to know why he's crazy? Because most of us don't have cool enough friends. If everything we learn about a particular something comes from one of our old college buddies; if every product we use, pair of jeans we buy, restaurant we eat at, so forth and so on was recommended to us or needed to be "liked" by one of our 2,000 friends, what the hell does that say about our personal growth? What happen to being interested in something and going off into our own world for a little while to study it and watch it bloom? I don't know about you but when I google something there's a feeling of being able to learn in an intellectual way from a source I can deem credible or not. Mixing that information with personal accounts from friends is one thing, but purely relying on you fools to tell me what's going on?! Ha! Sure having a Facebook comes in handy when I see somebody dug the new Natalie Portman film I was already thinking of seeing, but the buck stops there. Anybody that needs a pre-approval of everything they do in life is a sad story, bro. Jump out the window and feel the wind wrap around your skin, baby. Listen to people you trust but don't base everything and anything on what the knuckleheads around you think. You'll miss out on one of life's greatest joys; personal discovery. Obviously if a good friend/family member has shown a strength in a particular area that interests you, you might wanna do lunch or something. That's a given. But we're not a nation of followers. We're here to make waves and hopefully inspire those around us to learn to surf. That's why Facebook can't replace Google. Or maybe I just don't want it to.

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