Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Football w/ The Crew

For the first time in about 10 years today I played football with a bunch of friends. What was funny to me is the fact these aren't the most athletic guys in the world haha myself included. You got artists, painters, filmmakers, singer/songwriters, rappers, promoters, DJ's, producers etc. An eclectic group comprised of friends in my phonebook I thought would be into getting out from behind their computers and everyday grind for a couple hours and having some fun like we had in the 90's. What the fuck was I thinking?! It's not the mothafuckin' 90's anymore and we're not those same kids. I don't think there's even one of us that's not in some kind of intense pain right now hahhahaha. Shit, gotta love it though.

Shout to everybody who responded to my text and my daily reminders for the last week. Shout to the players, Joe, Darvin, Fed, Dred and Amaya, Lanalana, them URNEWYORK boys Ski and 2, Kimbo, Clue, Lone, Sleep, Ronin, Eric and Chris Daddy (pictured above about to throw a wobbly touchdown pass whom I might add was named V.I.P. after the efforts of the all-star, Clue)

Until next time my peoples! Stay fit!

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