Thursday, October 14, 2010

Asher Roth Talks To LowKey: “Music & Business Were Never Really Supposed To Go Together”

This is so great. Just earlier tonight me and Chris Daddy were speaking on the music vs. the business kids like us have to so closely maintain if we ever wish to make a living from any of the hard work we put in artistically. Then I click this and it's the talented Asher Roth taking us even further down the road. It's almost scary when he touches on the fact that his biggest hit was so far from any of the stuff that really shapes him or can really make an impact on a world scale. Props to LowKey of UHTN who got Asher talking in the first place where he was comfortable enough to let us in on these types of jewels. From my understanding there's a 2nd part of this dropping on Friday.

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