Tuesday, October 19, 2010

*New Official Video* You Ain't Got It - Nina Sky

Them pretty twins from my courtyard in Queens are back with their new visual. I like most of it too. I'm into the effects throughout and the roaming around Manhattan with friends. I guess the only thing that kinda bothers me is the fact that it's soooo gay hahahaha, I get it though. Natalie talked to and had this to say, "We wanted to shoot a video that was reminiscent of Sagat’s ‘Funk Dat’ video, which is the song we sampled for ‘You Ain’t Got It,’. It was important to us that Treezy captured the same vibe and grainy look as the original video, so we shot half in the city streets with our friends. To contrast the street element and give a softer, more modern feel, we splashed it with colorful shots, some green screen action, and bam! ‘You Ain’t Got It’ came to life.”  Song grew on me, too. Anxious to see my old friends win big.

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