Thursday, October 28, 2010

*New Music* Hip-Hop Class - T.Shirt feat. AMK (Life Series: 01 Dropping This Tuesday!!!)

If I had a manager they would have most probably shut this shit down hahaha. My homegirl AMK takes a Hip-Hop Class at The New School and recently asked me to help her with an assignment to write/record a verse specifically using an old school cadence/flow as well as a few classic Hip-Hop references. We wrote her something and after recording it I liked it so much I decided to get on the mothafuckin' remix and put it out on the Life Series: 01. Sue me but I think she's better than some of the guys really trying to be rappers out here.

Listen/Download Hip-Hop Class - T.Shirt feat. AMK

Shout to Reno Msad for killing the damn artwork once again. The Life Series: 01 LP drops this Tuesday, November 2nd with only one more record coming before the full release. Check out the past singles starting here or in full at


  1. ... dang the artwork couldn't feature amk a la the featuring ronin artwork? shade.

  2. Tuff ciity... Blame ur boy he shoulda asked to have you put on there. I'm sure reno didnt even know you were on it

  3. fuck you both! you don't see ole girl's name scratched under mine on the tape? I didn't put the feature on the artwork cause I didn't want people thinking she was a real rapper! love you though

  4. true true , her name is there in minuscule scratches compared to ol' boy over there.... AMK ft. T.Shirt... hhaha