Sunday, July 4, 2010

Road Trip To Plymouth, Ma For Annual July 3rd Festivities

Wanted to post a little feature while it was all still fresh in my mind. Got back a couple hours ago from Plymouth, Ma where some family/friends had invited us to the huge annual party they throw on July 3rd. What was it like? Over $5,000 in fireworks going off 15 feet from us and about 200 people on a private beach overlooking miles of sunset ocean, man. Something else. I took some video I might post tomorrow if I get around to it but another thing was that I wanted to show off the pretty-ass pictures the new iPhone takes haha. Shout to everybody in Plymouth for the hospitality! Huge shout to my man Sean, Marina, muuhhfuckin' Steve and Megan, everybody else we met and of course my girls, Di Di and Lanalana for the good times on the road and all over this beach! Tonight, we're back in Brooklyn for the celebration with our own fam. Surely there's more to come. Happy Fourth Of July Weekend people!

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