Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nina Sky x Hot Mop Films Present "The Other Side EP. 1"

I've been waiting to be able to blast this off for a couple weeks now. This is a family affair for real. My people at Hot Mop Films have been working with the girls for months now prepping a serious behind-the-scenes campaign for the new EP, The Otherside now dropping August 3rd. From home studio sessions to photo-shoots to a bunch of tell-all interviews in-between, Natalie & Nicole bring us along for the ride back into the spotlight. Not like they ever left. Continuously touring around the world is no small feat you know. I love the way this thing was filmed. I was telling Dred the other day how much it reminds me of some classic New York/Woody Allen type shit. Give it up for great art!

Once again, Nina Sky's, The Otherside drops August 3rd online at

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