Sunday, July 4, 2010

*New Video* Lil Wayne x Gucci Mane "Steady Mobbin" (Directed By DJ Scoob Doo)

Been hearing this joint on the radio for the last 2 months or something like that and I fuckin' love it but never owned it. Same thing goes for the excellent, "I'm Single" joint. Anyway, Scoob Doo got around to finally releasing the visual Weezy shot before heading to the big house. Funny thing is Wayne shot his part while Gucci was in jail and then Gucci shot his part while Wayne was away, so they're never actually in the same place. Probably better that way. We get a pretty introspective look into Wayne's big ass crib complete with him ashing a blunt into a Grammy award and everything. The hook and verse of this shit go pretty hard. I think it's probably the best example of how way more than it's what you say, it's how you say it. Wayne is saying bananas ass shit but he has so much fun and such a style to it, you hardly notice. Hardly.

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