Sunday, July 4, 2010

*New Music* Live Fast, Die Young - Rick Ross feat. Kanye West

I was surprised when I saw Rick released this but it's actually ill he got to do it before someone leaked an unfinished version or something. I'm not gonna front I was taken back a little bit by the sound. It wasn't an immediate big, hot record to me. After hearing it the radio station though, and a few times on repeat at home I can honestly say it's very different from what we're used to with Rozay. The beat by 'Ye is pretty ridiculous and I'm sure it just put my man in a different space when writing it. No lie I'm more excited for Teflon Don on July 20th than anything this year.

Listen/Download Live Fast, Die Young - Rick Ross feat. Kanye West

*Record is produced by Kanye West & No I.D. There's some behind the scenes footage of the two rappers in the studio you can watch here. My site's gotta be on limited Rozay material right now haha.

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