Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James Chooses Miami Heat

I can't believe I even for once cared this much but I did haha. I've followed Lebron's career a little bit now just because he's so good at what he does and he's come up in conversation so much. Maybe I'll even start watching basketball for the first season of my life haha. Anyway, all I kept thinking about tonight was how happy my Uncle Allen, who passed away last year, would have been now that Miami had such a powerhouse team come the fall. A few weeks ago Dave Letterman said if Lebron James was a "guy", he'd stick it out in Cleveland. IMO, Lebron is a fuckin' kid and he wants to win some rings. He went to play along with the best in the business, what do you want from him?

RapRadar has crispy video of the decision if you care

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