Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 2,000 Horse Power, 300mph Dagger GT By TranStar Racing

This shit is so fuckin' ridiculous I don't know what to say. "The 2000 hp, 300 mph Dagger GT's design objectives are to be the best-looking, fastest Supercar in the world. Join the rebellion as we break every rule there is, and break every world record for production Supercars." Don't let me have money! Don't let me have any motherfuckin' moneeeyyy hahaha. "Each Dagger GT will be carefully hand-made by exceptional, enthusiastic craftsmen. We plan to deliver 5 production Daggers in 2011. The base MSRP of the Dagger GT-S or "Sport" model is $450,000 plus custom work, if requested. The Dagger GT is based on an exceptional mid-engine concept car, the Corvette Cheetah, created by the brilliant industrial designer, Ivan Luccion. The car features an over-the-top big block, 2000 hp aluminum, twin turbo 572 multifuel racing engine, routinely built by Nelson Racing Engines. The Dagger GT also features a high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel chassis."

good God, more here

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