Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exclusive URNEWYORK Pre-Sale Graff Truck Collectibles

My guys sent out an exclusive offer at the end of the week for a special presale of their new collectible. Living in NYC and keeping your eyes on the street, you might have seen the real life murals on sides of trucks parked and moving everywhere, throughout every borough. It's a nice feeling to know my people have the city on lock like that, haha. Anyway, now you can own a piece of it all. For a limted time, $50 buys you not one, but two trucks, one 8.5 inch (length) and a smaller one at 3.5 inch with the duo's signature handstyle and personalized touch, limited box and all. Only 50 have been made and they're said to be selling out fast so get yours today. Go here.

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