Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unreleased Kanye West Storytellers Q&A

This is scary at times. Scary for a few different reasons. One, this is a long while ago and Ye has since done some pretty crazy things so to watch this and know what's to come is interesting. Two, you really get a glimpse in some of his answers of just how fragile he is, or rather how fragile we can all be at times. I've been saying it for forever and I'll say it again, what I've always liked so much about Kanye is how he's not afraid to express himself in the ways he wants or feels comfortable. That really is the true sign of a legendary person. A person fearless to be themselves. It doesn't make them any more special or smoother of a person, or easy to deal with, but it makes them real. And that alone should be admired.

props to RR

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