Friday, January 22, 2010

"Wannabe Warhol" - The New York Observer (w/ T.Shirt x Dame Dash Story)

Great insight into what Dame is up to nowadays. Read here.

*I just wanna put this out there right now because I feel it's time and I need to get it off my chest. Only a couple of my closest know about this. I want so much to be able to work at DD172. I wanna rap there, put a couple paintings up, collaborate with these talented kids. I wanna talk to Dame, I want him to recognize something in me. I want him to get behind me. Last week I did something kind of bananas and I'm not sure about it now, but it's done. I had the idea that I needed to find this place. I needed to get in touch with Dame Dash. So I thought of writing on a tiny piece of paper "I want this more than anything -", referring to my dedication, and where he can find and contact me. I thought this was genius. I'd fold up this little note, seal it in an envelope, write Dame on the front, and leave it with someone at the front desk of his building. After walking around several blocks downtown, I finally found the incredible looking Gallery with a black Range Rover sitting outside. Inside, all over you could see these big art pieces on the walls, cool looking kids running around looking busy, rappers etc. I was scared to go in at first, shit, I wasn't even sure what I was gonna say or if they'd let me leave the letter for him or what. I was really thinking that maybe I should come back another time when just then, a long black Benz pulled up and parked in front. I tried to look nonchalant there standing on the curb. A few seconds later Dame Dash walked out of DD172 into the night, knocking on the window of the car beckoning Shorty to come out. I stood about 8 feet away pretending to look at my phone. I had half the heart to just turn around and give big homie the letter himself but I think I almost liked my plan too much I didn't wanna spoil it haha. The pretty girl hopped out and her and Dame walked into the building next door, passing me on the street. Dame was in a good mood, talking shit, excited about his "magazine dropping tomorrow." As soon as they dissapeared I turned around and walked right in to DD172. A few people at the front desk looked at me weird and when the blond girl smiled and asked what I wanted, I said, "Hey sorry to bother you, I have this letter for Dame". She took it and said "Oh ok cool.. who's it from?", and I said, "I'm not sure really". Before anybody could say another word I turned around and walked outside, around the block and disappeared. I immediately felt crazy hahaha. What the hell had I just done? Why was I playing my career like it was a 1930's murder mystery? I can be a little over the top sometimes I guess. Every day since that night I've checked my email address and I wait for someone, anyone to hit me back. My hope was for homie to find my gesture interesting at least, creative, innovative or something, who knows. I don't have any idea of what happen to the note at this point. It's gone, and it's over and it's done, and I can't take it back. I just hope, one day we can all laugh about it, over a drink at DD172.

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