Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New T.Shirt "I Won't Go (Freestyle)"

Another day, another flow. I'm doing these as they come to me now. It's a whole new style of working but I find it interesting. The flows get creative. Not to mention, I found this kid on Twitter who really has a great body of beats I've been listening to. Check Tev 95 out here and talk to him, let us know what you think of the new stuff.

*This latest joint was written and recorded today. "Why rap? I trust rap. We kick this, punch that, we got rich, and at one point, we was the whole world's punching bag, I love that"

Listen/Download I Won't Go (Freestyle) - T.Shirt

*Update* I finally made it onto the world famous Hip-Hop website, NahRight with this one. It's not it's own official post but rather in a post called Loosies which you can check out here - still so ill, huge shout to the kid Nation.

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