Thursday, January 7, 2010

*Top 40 Bonus Video* Okay - T.Shirt (2007)

This is a real treat courtesy of the kid behind the Hot Mop Films dynasty. We shot this back in 2007 as a promo but due to creative differences we never put it out until now. I have nothing but wonderful memories about this shoot. Minus a few important friends and family who couldn't make it, we had everybody up in my rundown crib in Bushwick on Melrose Ave. Barber extraordinaire muuhhfuckin' Seap came through and cut us all up, Chris Daddy is on the 'fridge playing the guitar, Ferola, Will Divide, Ronin etc. Fond memories man. I love the beginning with me waking up with the hat on, smoking an L. There's no "big ass 7 on my hip" ! haha this is vintage T.Shirt. Do enjoy !

Shout to Dred for letting this one go !

If you haven't already done so, Download *The Top 40 T.Shirt Verses Of The Decade*

*in the event that doesn't work, the updated link is here
*Also, read the official Press Release by clicking here.

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