Saturday, January 9, 2010

T Magazine Talks To Billy Reid

Billy Reid has been on my map for the last month ever since me and Chris Daddy took interest to the brand in Bloomingdales that one day. Then Chris Daddy went and bought himself a $400 hundred cool little jacket he won't take off haha. Anyway, they have a great shop on Bond St. in New York which I've been to a few times. It's all very handsome man shit and Reid himself is an interesting fellow.

"I design things I want to wear and that fit into my likes and dislikes and my life. I like natural things, so we use no synthetics throughout the collection. I like the outdoors and getting my hands dirty. I am a traditionalist at heart, like old-fashioned techniques and have a fond love of antiques. I am a Southerner and that certainly influences my life and work. So, if you put these things in a blender, the result is the concept, or collection. It starts with classic American clothing, and I try to take it in a modern direction that stays true to the traditional."

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