Friday, January 1, 2010

*New Mixtape* The Top 40 T.Shirt Verses of the Decade !

I can't even begin to explain to you how excited I am about letting this one go ! What I originally planned to be the top 100 verses of my recording run of the last 10 years, (talking to a bunch of friends made me realize how insane that is and I shouldn't be letting all that music go) has turned into my Top 40. On here are some of my most important verses, in my opinion and I'm sure the opinion of my closest crew. As I used to just record without any structure, I finally learned a few years ago what to hold on to and what to put out. There's verses on here from songs I'm saving for my first official album. There's remixes that never saw the light of day due to creative differences. There's verses I gave to artists that either never came out or haven't come out yet and I'm tired of waiting ! This is it, this is my my Top 40 and I hope you can find a few joints on here that one day make it to the top of your list. Peace to everybody for the continued support ! Let's get it.

Download The Top 40 T.Shirt Verses of the Decade

Read the official Press Release here

*Shout out to Reno Msad of Spek Studios for the bold and beautiful artwork ! (Next time I'll give you some more time my brother) and my homie Ryan Brooks for the wonderful photography.

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