Friday, September 4, 2009

T.Shirt x Adam Tensta in New York *FULL INTERVIEW*

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For those who caught one part here, one part there. Here is the full 3-part Interview I did with my brother Adam Tensta, the ill Grammy-Award winning rapper from Sweden (he raps without an accent in english) on his first ever trip to the states. along with long time collaborators Hot Mop Films present "T.Shirt Interviews Adam Tensta in New York". We kicked it for about an hour a rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn about everything from his favorite artists, to his studio etiquette, what he feels about New York, his team, who he'd share a meal, what his tattoos mean and much more. We even got to trade bars a little bit. Hopefully through we'll get to do some more interviews but we're, I am, extremely proud to give it up to Adam Tensta in our premiere go around. Tensta Whattup !

*Bonus* Before I met homie, I loved and remixed one of his bigger records.

Download Dope Boy (T.Shirt Remix)

*I got a couple things up my sleeve with homie by the way. Do stay tuned.

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