Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kid Cudi deletes his Twitter

I'll let him tell you why..

The REAL reason i deleted twitter, in MY own words.. i wanted to keep my mind to myself again, u kno, like how it use to be. i put so much of ME into my music i gotta draw the line somewhere. plus my words fall into the wrong hands a lot. I’ll leave u with this cool quote i came up with
“Hear he, Hear he, no one shall ever get close to me, think of then and think of this, iam now the man the myth”….spread this quote to all u kno
To my fans, i do love u and ill see u at the shows and give up daps and pound when i can. sometimes shit can be crazy and i wont have time to stop and talk. with that being said dont ever think im turnin my back on u cuz id never. u never turned ur back on me and i wont forget that. everyone that has met me knows if i can stop and say wut it be, then ill stop and say wut it be…anywho, u like ME cuz im ME and this is ME taking control of my life again. THANK YOU to all who copped and supported my debut album. shit is still surreal to me but iam def on cloud 9. first weeks sales were 104,419 copies sold. iam very blessed to have so much support from all of u guys. for once in my life i finally feel important. goodbye, i love u all sincerely. til we meet #inthesestreets
peace and love
from ur bud, Cud

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