Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jay-Z, and You're Welcome - T.Shirt

Jay-Z probably doesn't know this yet - but the second verse on the second track on the Blueprint 3, appropriatly titled "Thank You" is the best verse on the entire album. You're welcome Hov.

Lemme back it up a little bit. (I've been meaning to talk about this but I was a little distracted recording an EP and gettting fired from my shit job as the most likeable Barista in Soho)

Jay-Z needs to stop making songs about making great songs. Just get to it already shun ! Is that clear? Where shit-hop and way too-rich dummies only add to the insanity of the world, there needs to be someone to show the young niggas what's really hood. While in all actuality Jay-Z has always been this person for us, this whole "Hov's worst is better than 99% of the rap game" shit doesn't hold up anymore. No matter the Moonmen, the televised Grammy winnings (!), and the rest of the immence presence in pop culture Hip-Hop has succeeded to over the last few years, to me (and I feel this shit everyday), Hip-Hop isn't at all respected like other genres of music. And for good reason ! Why should we be? Take other artists I enjoy, Radiohead, Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Sade etc. These artists have made huge careers out of speaking directly to our heart, inspiring generations. They're not writing about how awesome they are or how much money they've amassed. They're not into constant competition and slandering fellow artists. They make music and it stops there. Now I know, Hov tries. He claims he can't win. He "makes some thought provoking shit and ya question if he falling off". Fuck 'em Jay. The truth of the matter is, we will never be respected like we need to be unless we learn to quit the bullshit and make great music for years to come.

Jay-Z needs to be the artist he's talented enough (and rich enough) to be. Having to please the masses and adhere to radio programmers is cute when you're a young guy trying to get a hit in this business, but Jay-Z can do whatever he wants. And we all know he wants to be great. Our self proclaimed "Hip-Hop savior" needs to show these knuckleheads how it's done, like he's been doing, except now take it to the next level. I mean, he's so close.

One thing I'd urge is stop, really stop addressing other rappers. Stop making songs about the things and accolades you've achieved - it's there in writing on Wikipedia, you don't have to keep reminding us. Especially in 8 different ways on 8 different beats on your latest album. Which brings me back to the highly anticipated Blueprint 3. I honestly was dissapointed upon hearing it. Not because there aren't any likeable songs on it (there very much are) but because Hov amped it up to be this grand musical opus when all the nigga raps about is how we should never forget, he's ill ! Yes Hov, you're ill, and niggas hate. They hate on you because they feel you left them. It doesn't matter if you've said numerous times they can follow you, you left them to go very, very far away where they actually can't even fathom being. And when people feel abandoned, negativity brews. We know that as fatherless kids right? And okay, you'll be hood forever. I believe you. I believe that no matter which rich, white Executive's yacht you play on, you never forget that Brooklyn nigga shit. I believe that. But I also know you know that shit is silly. Changing music forever like Bob Dylan did and having the President on speed dial is actually much more important and helps us all in the long run. So please, if you feel the need to record some ignorant shit, here's an idea, put out a mixtape like everyone else ! Literally put out some LowKey shit and save the million dollar marketing plan. Make that nigga shit for your niggas but next time you put out a full length, fully realized album and tie it in with one of the most important events in American History, have some class and write the record about something.

When you read this you'll know exactly what I mean. You're gonna respect it to. Why? Because I'm not some far removed critic who doesn't care about the culture. I'm also not some smart, "Hip-Hop blogger" who knows rap music like the back of my hand and never picked up a mic, or wrote a 16. I'm a mothafucking ill rapper with 3 full albums, 300+ songs, and over 17 years of experience behind me. I write insane, I look like a movie star and my voice is huge, and oh, I might get my deal at 26 just like you did.

I'm also a huge Jay-Z fan so don't get shit shoestring.

The second verse on "Thank You" is the best verse on the album because it's hard, "when the ruger shoots through a few clips, you can lay in that casket just as you is", it's witty "put 8 balls in pockets without using pool sticks" it's poetic "beautiful music when champagne flutes click, beautiful women sipping through rouge lips", and best of all, it's probably completely true. An artistic glimpse into the life of Hov and friends. This is good Hip-Hop. This is ill rapper shit.

Download Thank You - Jay-Z (off Blueprint 3)

*Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 has been pushed up to drop Tuesday, September 8th. Support good music.

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