Monday, January 16, 2012

Lana Del Rey Performs On SNL, To A Bunch Of Whining Idiots

Whatever I choose to write here in my little box surely won't be able to stack up against the behemoth websites and news outlets who've called this performance trash. It's sad really. For months now, the girl has done her thing building buzz and anticipation with her big and sultry numbers, interesting videos and major label (Interscope) dealings. The kinds of songs that have been "officially released" are simply non-existent on mainstream radio nowadays, and in my opinion a true breathe of fresh air. The same kinds of songs that made us (myself and a few people I know), fall in love with her. Was I mad she booked SNL? Insulted, like some of these outlets are saying? Definitely not. Let that bitch breath.

Up top is, "Blue Jeans", where she hit her prettiest notes of the night. It's her second performance of the evening and far more comfortable than her first of, "Videogames", where she moved and sounded nervous as all hell. It happens. The machine moves fast nowadays, what more can you say. I certainly wouldn't attribute it to any lack of talent. You forget Lana wrote these incredible songs. Performing them right is gonna take some theatre. We'll wait. Born To Die in stores Jan. 31st.

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