Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HipHopDX Reviews "THE FUCK", Gives It 4 Out Of 5 Stars + Smoking Section Review, PassionWeiss etc.

This makes me happy, man. Official write ups and reviews have been coming in these last few days and people seem to have really gotten into this recent record. Last week, Tosten Burks, of indie website, PassionWeiss, went out of his way to stress the fact he thought I was angry. I got over it pretty quickly, but that was interesting. He still went on to give the music pretty serious compliments, so I appreciate the close listening. John Gotty and his Smoking Section really played a part in putting the album in front of their readers, with writer, Greg Writt, writing a glowing review. I can't thank those guys enough. Gotti offers me up weekly advice to keep going and making dope music. That shit gives me life, I can't lie. Then late last night someone hit me to tell me I got 4 out of 5 stars on HipHopDX, in their review. That's just wild. Big thank you to writer Brandon E. Roos.

These are all websites and blogs that have pretty good traffic and loyal fans who care about music. The exposure and cosigns are one thing, but the sheer fact these guys are taking the time out to listen, and care, is just so dope. 

I won't talk your ear off, just wanted to share thanks. More music on the way. I'm in a little bit of a zone over here.

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