Saturday, January 14, 2012

Inside Supreme: "Anatomy of a Global Streetwear Cult"

Simply a great read and inside look into a downtown NYC and Streetwear behemoth. I've actually never owned a Supreme piece in my life but I have a feeling I will soon. Educate yourself.

Being sovereign – the supreme ruler of culture – is the brand’s unofficial mission statement; everything is appropriated, recontextualised and refitted in Supreme’s hands to be made better. (Not the least of which is the fire-truck red box logo ripped from the oeuvre of Barbara Kruger.) Chinos are constructed with military-grade reinforcement, hats are made with a sturdy square brim, and T-shirts are twice as thick. They’ve carefully chosen to cross-pollinate their homegrown image with unhip but timelessly macho brands like Hanes and The North Face, worked with blue-chip artists such as Jeff Koons and Christopher Wool for their art-deck series, and built ad campaigns around a motley crew of celebrities that have no direct connection to skateboarding, including Kermit the Frog, Mike Tyson and the pop star Lady Gaga. 

Part I

Part II

*Photo up top probably my favorite from the current Fall/Winter collection.

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