Friday, December 9, 2011

My Trip To Miami's, Art Basel 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of being in the thick of things out in Miami for the yearly art party in the streets. Work from kids all over the world crudely graced just about every nook and cranny you can think of, food trucks took up whole blocks, DJ's spun music loudly from open warehouses and backyards into the night, artists climbed and covered whole sides of buildings with paint, put murals on cars, danced, made money, lost money, learned some of the business and networked the shit out of their brand. It was one of the most expressive 5-day scenes I've ever seen. Pure expression I might say. The special kind. Wynwood is something. You get the feeling another 10 years at this pace and you might really have an artistic mecca of a neighborhood like none other in the world. It was all very exciting to say the least. On one level I went out to experience it, take it all in, take a break from pushing myself so damn hard and watch others take the reigns. On another level I went out to support my brothers in crime and art, URNEWYORK, for their first ever solo showing at a gallery. We're friends, man. It was dope. We'd eat together and travel together and laugh and smoke and vibe and watch out for one another and wild out and wake up and do it again. Now most of us are back in New York, scattered about our city, but ask anyone part of the crew and I'm sure the answer will be the same; we'd wake up and do it again. Until next year, players.

- Shirt,
all photos taken with an iPhone and edited with Instagram (@sweatshirt)

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