Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeff Staple Partners With @TruthOrange And Stores Around The Country To Take Down Big Tobacco In, "Truth1585"

Happy to announce my involvement in a great campaign bigger than anything one of us can do alone. Jeff Staple and the anti-smoking company, Truth, have embarked on sort of a head hunting mission to outbrand big tobacco. They approached him, he did his homework, and the rest will be written about in the history books wikipedia page, and hopefully save lives. It's simple as that. As part of the efforts, Jeff has approached some industry friends for help on the front line. Specifically a t-shirt collection centered around the conversation. In conjunction with streetwear heavyweights such as Alife (New York), Bodega (Boston), Goliath (New York), Ubiq (Philadelphia), Burn Rubber (Detroit), True (San Francisco), Major (DC) and of course Reed Space (New York), each outlet has designed one t-shirt, which will be sold in their respected markets. That's where I come in. I designed the one for Reed Space (pictured below). Yellow teeth aren't the business, "All that glitters ain't gold".

Learn in detail what's going here on Truth1585.

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