Monday, October 3, 2011

T.Shirt Interview With UK Magazine Blog Pie & Mash

Really enjoy these guys' aesthetic. Turns out they were fans of what I'm doing too. We kicked it some through email and I answered some questions about where the next few months were headed for me.

New York rapper, songwriter and designer T.Shirt came to us through his blog and after sharing a few things across the Atlantic, we had a chat earlier this week. For those of you that don't know, Shirt dropped I Should Just Chill in June and it's looking set to take him big. So far the album has spawned two singles: June's For The Record and Wu-tribute Ode To Raekwon. The RONIN directed video to Ode To Raekwon came out a few weeks ago... 

P&M: Sick. What do want to be doing, say, five years from now? 

T: Five years, huh? Ha. I guess the same things I'm doing now with just a few more zeros at the end of all these checks. I wanna direct and write, stay close to Film. Record big, great rap albums, make clothes to wear on stage etc. One thing I can say for sure is how blessed I am to be able to be so creative day to day and work with such talented kids. A lot of people don't have the freedom or time to do what they want, to scratch those creative itches. That's an aspect of my life I worked really hard for. I pretty much don't turn down doing anything I wanna do. I wanna continue in that same vein. I wanna collaborate more. Travel more. Snowboard more. Go to a few more friends weddings.

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Shout to the UK, man. Friendly motherfuckers. Need to make my way across the pond sometime soon.

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