Friday, October 28, 2011

"Game 6"

Gonna let Mahdude tell it:

Wow, what a game! Even if you don’t watch baseball, you gotta appreciate when a team comes back down to their last strike, especially in a World Series game. The Texas Rangers had two chances to put away the St. Louis Cardinals and win the World Series but each time the Cards picked themselves back up and fought on. The hero of the night? David Freese of the Cards. In the 9th inning he tied up the game with a triple to force extra innings and in the 11th he hit a walk-off homerun to force a game 7. By doing so, he joined an exclusive list: 

Walk-Off Homeruns in Game 6 or 7 of a World Series (All Time) 

David Freese 2011 St. Louis Cardinals 
Joe Carter 1993 Blue Jays 
Kirby Puckett 1991 Twins 
Carlton Fisk 1975 Red Sox 
Bill Mazeroski 1960 Pirates

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