Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rick Ross Suffers Two Seizures In One Day, Doesn't Seem To Fucking Get It (@RickyRozay)

I won't act for one second like this shit doesn't bother me A LOT. One thing that makes me happy is when rappers I like make smart decisions, rise above nonsense, and pretty much rise above any of that rap shit that might've made them famous in the first place. I don't know how best to explain it. Basically, keep that rap shit in your raps. In real life, keep your fucking head on straight. Why is it starting to feel like Rick Ross is about to be the next rapper dead? Suffering two strokes in one day yesterday reports are now pouring in that the biggest bawse in the biz is heading to North Carolina to continue on with a performance scheduled for tonight. I'm not into the fake cool shit, man. Slow down. Your body is obviously telling you something. Get that blonde bitch GQ wrote about to massage you for a few days and do nothing but eat fruit and write rhymes. That's cool and smart. Chill poolside, maybe put down the weed. Please, big homie. The money and the "lifestyle" isn't worth dying over and you'll damn sure get to enjoy it all more if you stay alive another 50 years.

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