Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MTV Follows Bun B At Rice University

So unbelievably proud of what Bun is doing. Absolutely one of my favorites out here. Last month he began teaching his Religious Studies 331 course at Rice University with MTV getting the chance to hang for a day on campus. Special things.

“People are under the assumption that this is a course that I created,” Bun B said. “This was a course that was already in existence with Rice in association with the H.E.R.E. Project. The H.E.R.E. Project is Houston Enriches Rice Education. And what they’ve done with this program is taken the opportunity to bring the rich cultural history of Houston onto the campus of Rice University. Me being a part of Houston’s culture, this is a part of that process. This was the first program that asked me to actually be a part of the process: the building of the lesson plan, the forming of the syllabus, the actual lectures taking place in the class—everything that helps define the course.”

Props to RapRadar

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