Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strike Gently Interview With The Daily'er Nebraskan

If you know, you no. I love this guy/girl/Watson computer. Nobody knows who or what Strike Gently is but a lot of people enjoy them for all their porn/NBC hit show/latenight interview rips and antics. I have no recollection of discovering them but since I did, 100% of my content comes from them 3% of the time. That's math. I want illrapper to be StrikeGently when it grows up. That's nowhere near the truth but I'm into them. There's a good chance you won't share my admiration. A few weeks ago, ICE, who Hip-Hop literati should know as the guys who took down the beloved, amongst others, seized for oh, about a day. Within 24 hours they emerged with a better layout, better design and stronger links than before. Pretty wild. An online publication called The Daily'er Nebraskan just interviewed them about it for the 2nd time this year. Riveting stuff. Care.

DerN: Do you think the US government had the right to seize your site?

SG: I didn't butcher the national anthem in front of 100 million people. 

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